Current Trends in Skin Care [2019]

Society today is increasingly aware of the dangers of using cheap and poorly-made skin care products. Many brands advertise their products as being good for you, but instead they load up on fillers and cheap ingredients that can actually damage your skin and pollute your body. People have a greater understanding now that skin care products can be harmful and are not all created equally. Let’s look at some current trends for 2019 that you should consider to make sure that what you put on your body is actually doing you good.

Better Skin Care Advice

Sometimes, a dermatologist will ask you questions about your chronic skin conditions and you just don’t know the answers. Keeping track of your skin conditions over time can be challenging since keeping a journal may not always be intuitive. The American Academy of Dermatology developed an app  that would remedy this situation for people who suffer from chronic urticaria (red, itchy welts that result from a skin reaction). The app helps people keep a record of their hive outbreaks on a daily basis and learn more about their skin condition, and then discuss this information with their dermatologist.

Better Skin Care Products

It’s easy to hop on Google and research ingredients that are unknown. For example, if you look at the ingredients in your skin care products and you don’t know what they are, you don’t have to simply take the manufacturer’s word for it that it’s good for your skin. Instead, you can head over to Google and research it yourself. Consumers today are looking for natural ingredients and want products that are actually good for their skin.

People are Using Higher SPF

With a growing awareness around the rising risk skin cancer, people are using higher SPF in their sunscreens. Several research studies have shown that indoor-tanning has dropped significantly among adults and adolescents over the last 10 years. While wearing sunscreen is always a good idea, the recommended SPF is between 15 and 50. SPF higher than 50 does not provide significantly better protection and may result in a false sense of security.

Skin Care Products Will Use Better Ingredients

With customers more savvy than ever, companies can’t afford to use sub-standard ingredients or fillers in their products. People want quality products that won’t harm their skin or pollute their bodies. That’s why Apollo Corporation created the Spadané skin care line. The Hydrating Body Wash, Conditioning Shampoo, and Skin Renewing Lotion are formulated with ingredients that will effectively clean and nourish your skin and scalp with no fillers or colorants.