Apollo Skin Care Essentials

Essentials for You, Your Staff and Your Residents

More than 40 years of experience have gone into developing Apollo’s premium skin care essentials. Our leading quality skin care products are specifically formulated with sensitive skin and skin integrity in mind. Our products address every need, from hygiene and odor control to maintaining healthy, resilient skin and restoration of damaged areas. Apollo skin care essentials are designed to care for your bathing spas too, leaving no residues to build up and trap contaminants. All are UV-light transmissible for full compatibility with the Remedy® germicidal water purifier.

Premium Ingredients to Protect and Rejuvenate

The quality and make-up of skin care products make a vast difference in outcomes. The premium ingredients used in all of our lotions, bath oils, body washes and shampoos offer the very best in skin care, to effectively rejuvenate and moisturize while providing relief and protection to irritated areas and chronic conditions.