Spadané Does More than Just Help Your Skin

Did you know that Spadané provides jobs for people who have disabilities and other barriers? Apollo wanted to do more than simply provide an exceptional skin care experience, but to also reach out to the community and provide a positive work experience for those who are unable to enter the full work force.

Apollo Corporation, the company behind Spadané, reached out to the Rise center in New Richmond, WI for help in putting together the Spadané Care Kits. Rise is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that helps people find employment opportunities that meet their skill level and career objectives. They also assist people through mental health services and life enrichment programs with the aim of helping people discover achievement, self-sufficiency, and belonging in the community.

Apollo manufacturers Spadané skin care products locally at their facility in Somerset, WI. From there, the 4 oz bottles of product and Care Kit materials are sent to the Rise facility in New Richmond where teams of people have been organized to put everything together.

At the facility, the teams have an assembly line to complete the kits and prepare them for customer shipment. First, the bag stiffeners are fitted into the bottoms of the canvas bag to help support the product. Next, the 4 oz bottles of each Spadané product are put in the canvas bag along with a product info card. Finally, the bags are zipped and packaged into cases of 24. Once this has been completed, the assembled Care Kits are sent back to Apollo for distribution to customers.

The workers who help assemble the Care Kits at Rise are paid for their work. It gives them some spending money to buy what they need as most of them have very limited income. Equally important, it provides personal growth and purpose. It’s a win-win for everybody. Apollo keeps their manufacturing and assembly local and people who are in need of work get paid and feel like they are a part of something. Indeed, they are part of something special.